Anaheim DUI Defense Attorney

Anaheim DUI Arrest Scenarios Attorney

You can be arrested for DUI under a number of circumstances---all of which will lead to a legal battle that could completely turn your life upside down. If you have been arrested for DUI in the Anaheim area, contact us here at the law office of the Anaheim DUI lawyer immediately to begin your case.

While DUI arrests must meet certain criteria, make no mistake in believing that you can’t be arrested for having a BAC lower than the legal limit. The legal limit for alcohol is 0.08%, but you can be arrested and charged with DUI for a BAC level much lower if your driving is reckless and you show clear signs of intoxication.

The police must always have probable cause to pull you over. As a citizen, it is your right to be protected from unlawful detainment. If you feel that your rights were violated during or after your DUI arrest, you should consult the Anaheim DUI lawyer as soon as possible.

Once you are pulled over, you should give the officer all of your identifying documents such as driver’s license, registration, and proof of vehicle insurance, and nothing more. If you seem to be intoxicated the officer will ask you to step out of the vehicle and submit to field sobriety tests.

You have the right to refuse these tests, however if you are convicted for DUI your refusal will be used to increase your punishment. Whatever the case, your next destination will be the police station, where you will then have to submit to chemical testing, either blood, urine, or breath. If your BAC level is above the legal limit, you will be booked on an official DUI charge.